Table Throw Covers

No ‘pop-up’ experience is complete without a silky and smooth, full color table throw that communicates ‘premium brand’.  Perfect for large group gatherings such as hotel sales presentations, carnivals, food festivals, or the traditional trade show; the table throw is a unique marketing tool that is often overlooked.


Table Throw Covers

Imagine:  your brochures, retractable banner wall, logo, sell-sheet and other marketing collateral, and at the center piece is the impression of a quality brand exemplified.  The branded table throw is the icing on the cake, and no restaurant, corporate entity, nutritional supplement distributor, charity, or survey focus group should be without one.  Once you include a full color branded table throw into your presentation, your branding experience will jump to the next level!


150ft x 10ft, 80ft x 10ft, 50ft x 10ft


1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 20