Sell Sheets

Sitting in car showrooms across the nation, mall booths, or in the traveling salesman’s briefcase, the ‘sell-sheet’ has been and always will be a staple in the traditional sales presentation.  Of course, the PowerPoint deck slide or electronic pdf will always be with us, but the compliment of a printed hard piece as part of the marketing mix is important.  Available in different paper weights and finishes, sell-sheets are a trusted full color print tool that will impress clients and customers alike.


Sell Sheets

When sales and marketing departments want to quickly and attractively introduce their company and its core products, services or data, they reach for the traditional sell-sheet.  Record labels who want to convey “spins” and stats from airplay to their distribution staff use them.  Craft breweries looking to distribute their seasonal or unique flavor profiles love this marketing piece!


150ft x 10ft, 80ft x 10ft, 50ft x 10ft


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