Arrow Signs (Spinners)

Arrow Signs are popular on street corners for their immediate eye-catching movement.  If your small business is anchored to a retail corner, or tucked away and not 100% fully visible to the public, you may consider printing arrow spinners.


Arrow Signs (Spinners)

Fun and whimsical personalities are always available for part-time field marketing work, where they stand on a corner, and dance, spin, and delight in the joy of being a “human advertisement”. Perhaps you have seen “lady liberty” or your favorite “clucking chicken” spinning their arrow advertisement seeking much desired attention. When you need to stand out on a corner, Arrow Spinners are the right answer for your small business!



150ft x 10ft, 80ft x 10ft, 50ft x 10ft


1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 20